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Trinidad Artists

Here at Trinidad’s CBD & Oxygen Bar, we like to acknowledge our talented local artists. We have recently added a mini gallery in our store which displays original masterpieces that have been created by “Trinidadian” artists. The pieces that we carry include canvases and sculptures with an array of different perspectives, stories, and abstract. We currently display the works of the talented Francisco Argueta and John Raggio. The art that is displayed at our shop is for sale and they can be purchased either in the store or online. 


Francisco Argueta was born in Miami Florida, to a Salvadoran father and a Cuban mother. “Franco” was exposed to vast cultural and religious differences while receiving an education in various countries.
While enrolled in European, Central American, Caribbean and US public and private schools, Franco studied, grappled with, then mastered conventional painting techniques. Franco currently has 8 beautiful canvases that captivate different perspectives which include city views, the study of shapes and colors, and much more. His work is also posted on our website for purchase. 

John Raggio was born in Whittier, California on February 28, 1949. Raggio’s art career has been inspired by Southern California perspectives, especially those taken from Laguna Beach. Raggio also received his Masters in Art at San Diego State and he was a straight A student because he had found his calling which was art itself. For the last 50 years he has been involved with numerous art programs in the Trinidad area. He has a passion in teaching younger minds the art of distortion. He believes that distortion is important because in allows the creation of abstract which activates the left and right hemispheres of the brain to come to a solution. Raggio refers to this process as the “Brainial” approach to art and creation. His work is posted on our website for purchase as well. 

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