CloudPen 1.0 Vaporizer


The Cloud Brand was established in May 2012 in a collective named Kali Culture Solutions based out of Orange County, California. Where at this time, Kali Culture was a leading store in all essential oils and servicing their patients. They started to distribute Delivery Devices  to assist their patients , with frustration from inferior products, lack of brand support and overall lack of knowledge in this fast-growing industry they accumulated all the patients feedback from all the issues that they endured and took that information and conceptualized and sourced the ultimate design. Cloud Pen had been born. The Cloud Brand team has always been very active on the ground level of this industry listening to their customers, and patients experiences and still utilizing that to tailor fit their products . Over the years, The  Cloud Brand has grown its brand in many different ways to be able to provide solutions to the industry excellent customer service and staying up to beat with innovative products that they as a community desire.



Cloud Pen 1.0 Concentrates Vaporizer

For Concentrates
350mAh Battery
Medi Grade Atomizer
Medi Grade Funnel Atomizer
Wall Adapter US Plug
Micro USB Charger
3x Silicone Mouthpieces

CloudPen 1.0 Vaporizer

Additional information

Weight 142.0 g
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