Funky Farms 600 mg Cartridge: Blue Dream


he CLEANEST FUNK on the market! Funky Farms’ Reserve Line Blue Dream 600mg Cartridge is one of the best natural CBD vape extracts in the industry.

Made with their PREMIUM Crystal Resistant Distillate (CRD) – they have invested so all you have to do is ENJOY! The Reserve Line brings you All FUNK, No Junk – hemp and terpenes only – in a CBD vape extract with an incredibly high minor cannabinoid content. Graduate to the good stuff with the best there is!

The Blue Dream CRD profile leads with a rich earthy aroma and a sweet berry undercurrent, creating a robust daytime blend that delivers a soothing, creative lift but without a resting effect.


May Contain Trace Amounts of THC <0.3%

Active Cannabinoids (PER GRAM): 668 mg

Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract & Terpenes

CBD: 497 mg, CBC: 67 mg, CBN: 48 mg, CBG: 25 mg, CBDV:26 mg, CBL: 25 mg

Cartridge Measurement: 600 mg CBD’s

Funky Farms 600 mg Cartridge: Blue Dream

Additional information

Weight 43 g
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