Funky Farms Disposable 200mg Blue Dream


Vaping on the go? Nothing hits harder than Funky Farm’s all-in-one ready to use vape pens. Using the same high-quality Reserve Line natural vape extract, these CRD vape pens are the best in the industry.

With Funky Farms disposable CRD vape pens, you don’t have to carry your battery everywhere you go or skip your daily CBD dose because you ran out of charge.

Our CRD vapes are also infused with naturally sourced terpenes, and they contain no fillers or artificial flavorings. Just natural hemp extract ready for use. All Funk no Junk is our motto when making these cartridges.

Funky Farms CRD Vape Pens Features

Size And Potency – Funky Farms vape pens contain 3ml of the best broad-spectrum CRD vape extract in the market. The vape pens potency measures at 200mg of pure broad-spectrum extract.

200mg is potent enough for all your needs throughout the day and all the therapeutic benefits from hemp-derived CBD.

Broad-spectrum hemp extract contains all the terpenes, cannabinoids, and other beneficial compounds in hemp.

Funky Farms 200mg disposable vape pens are an excellent choice whether you are just starting on CBD or an experienced user looking for a different way to get health and wellness benefits.

Ready To Use All In One Vape Pen – Our Funky Farms CRD vape pens are ready to use out of the box. They come with a fully charged battery and are pre-filled with the Reserve Line broad spectrum CRD vape extract. It has everything you need to start vaping.

All you have to do is take a drag and enjoy your favorite vape profile and wait for the potent CBD relaxing effects and therapeutic benefits to kick in.

No more carrying your battery or running out of charge.

Broad-spectrum CBD Extract – The Funky Farms Disposable vape pens utilize the Reserve Line Broad-spectrum CRD vape extract. They have all the cannabinoids and terpenes needed to support the entourage effect.

The other cannabinoids also have their unique therapeutic benefits, but in the entourage effect, they work synergistically to produce more pronounced benefits that you wouldn’t experience using just one cannabinoid.

The Extract Does Not Crystallize – Funky Farms vape pens use CRD extract that does not crystallize. Cannabinoids in hemp extract usually crystallize after some time.

While crystallization does not reduce their effectiveness or make them unusable, it may stop you from having the best vaping experience.

CRD is short for Crystal Resistant Distillate, a special type of CBD distillate that can resist crystallization for up to three months, which is enough time for shipping and consumption.

No THC – Funky Farms vape pens use broad-spectrum extracts that have 0% THC content. This makes them an excellent choice for you if you expect a drug test or don’t like having THC in your system.

This vape product won’t get you high.

Ceramic Heating Mechanism – The vape pens utilize a wickless ceramic design that provides a smooth and consistent vape experience.

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May Contain Trace Amounts of THC <0.3%

Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract & Terpenes

CBD: 511 mg, CBC: 75 mg, CBN: 47 mg, CBG: 18 mg, CBDV:9 mg, CBL: 8 mg

Cartridge Measurement: 200 mg CBD’s

Funky Farms Disposable 200mg Blue Dream

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