Granddaddy Purple CBD Vape Pen: 300 mg


Same disposable vape pen, more CBD! These pens are also rechargeable, so you be sure to excess all of the oil!

Product contains traces of THC. Product includes CBD, CBG, and CBN! 

The Granddaddy Purple profile is a powerful fusion of grape & berry essence mixed with floral, earthy undertones to give you a blissful experience any time you want.  Not like your Grandpappy’s stash!

Only US-grown hemp is used in making of this premium CBD distillate. Full panel testing on all Funky Farms products.  All products are below the legal limit for THC.

Funky Farms is serious about high-quality raw materials and produce CBD in small batches to ensure consistency. Their oil is crystal resistant and contains only highly concentrated hemp and all-natural terpenes for the cleanest possible CBD product.

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May Contain Trace Amounts of THC <0.3%

Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract & Terpenes

Cartridge Measurement: 300 mg CBD’s

Granddaddy Purple CBD Vape Pen: 300 mg

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Weight 48 g
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