Funky Farms 200 mg Disposable Vape: Natural



Funky Farms Reserve Line Natural Broad Spectrum Crystal Resistant Distillate (CRD) comes from a US-grown farm and lab. This product is formulated with no added cutting agents and no fillers. As Funky Farms says, “No junk, all funk!”

To provide the best vaping experience, Funky Farms has gone a step further in balancing the ingredients to bring you just the right taste and benefits of hemp-derived broad-spectrum CBD blended with a strong minor cannabinoid profile.

The Funky Farms Natural CRD Cartridge delivers 600mg active cannabinoids in 1ml concentrate. Potent enough to provide the required hemp health and wellness benefits.

Its effects range from a soothing energizing wave of wellness throughout the body, relaxation, and the ability to focus on your everyday tasks.

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May Contain Trace Amounts of THC <0.3%

Active Cannabinoids (PER GRAM): 663 mg

Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract & Terpenes

CBD: 478 mg, CBC: 58 mg, CBN: 58 mg, CBG: 19 mg, CBDV: 34 mg, CBL: 6 mg

Cartridge Measurement: 200 mg CBD’s

Funky Farms 200 mg Disposable Vape: Natural

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Weight 48 g
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