Gemstonz Tampons 50 mg/5 pack


Stop suffering from cramps and pain with these game changing tampons.  Each regular flow tampon is infused with 50mg of Broad Spectrum Hemp CBD.  There are 5 tampons per package.

CBD Tampons

CBD Tampons for monthly menstruation come in regular flow. In addition,  they are cotton tampons and come infused with Broad Spectrum Hemp CBD.  There are two strength options to choose from.

Regular strength is 50mg of CBD per tampon, 5 tampons per package.

Super strength is 250mg CBD per tampon, 2 tampons per package. CBD is delivered right to the uterine area when using infused tampons.

Ingredients: Organic Cotton tampon, cotton string, MCT oil, Broad Spectrum Hemp CBD.  Wrapper and applicator colors may vary.

Directions: To use CBD Tampons, remove wrapper.  First, insert the tampon applicator inside the vagina.  Second, press the plunger to insert the tampon inside the vagina.  Lastly, remove the applicator from the vagina and throw it in the trash, along with the wrapper.  Do not flush packaging down the toilet.

CBD tampons for monthly menstruation contain naturally occurring cannabidiol, which is a part of the hemp plant. Other than that, they look and feel the same as your standard tampon.  The main difference being that these tampons are infused with broad-spectrum hemp extract.

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Broad Spectrum Hemp CBD

Contains: Rayon, Cotton, & MCT Oil

WARNING: Do not leave tampon inside vagina for more than 2-3 hours due to TSS.

1 Tampon: 50 mg of Broad Spectrum Hemp CBD

Tampons Per Container: 5 Tampons

Gemstonz Tampons 50 mg/5 pack

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