Jon D’Amore Collection: Deadfellas



New Jersey mob boss, Giuseppe ‘Joey’ Ponti, assigns his trusted lieutenant, Carmine ‘Chickie’ Santorella, to find out why the family’s casino is losing money. Chickie and three mob soldiers, Bobby Battaglino, Richie Paldino and Sammy Trombino, travel to a small Nevada town, kidnap the casino manager and take him to a secluded cabin that has been used for mob executions for decades.

Unfortunately for them, by torturing the half-Indian/half-Italian manager, they invoke an ancient Shoshone curse which awakens the buried dead to hunt them down. Whacked gangsters, stoolies, lawyers and hookers crawl out of their graves with only one thing on their decomposing minds…kill the four mobsters.

It’s mobsters versus monsters when Chickie and his crew, along with Dallas, China and Jenny (three hookers who wind up in the wrong place at the wrong time), fight for their lives against scores of reanimated Mafioso.

Jon D’Amore Collection: Deadfellas

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