Jon D’Amore Collection: The Delivery Man


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When a man with a conscience bent on revenge rids society of those who destroy the lives of innocent people, is he a criminal, a hero…or The Delivery Man?The doorbell rings. You answer it. The handsome man holding a bouquet asks your name. When you confirm you’re the one the flowers are for, he pulls out his pistol and silencer and puts a bullet in the center of your forehead.If the Delivery Man pays you a visit, it means you did something despicable to someone who trusted you, and now it’s time to pay.The FBI determines that the same gun was used in several hits across the U.S. and Asia, and Special Agent Pai Lee Valentine of the Serial Homicide Division is assigned to hunt down the maniacal assassin.Doggedly profiling her prey, she finds he’s not the serial killer or homicidal maniac her boss, Fred Barrett, thinks he is.But the fact remains, it’s Valentine’s job to bring the Delivery Man in…or kill him.Unexpectedly, Valentine is thrown into one action scene after another; a Los Angeles shootout, a quick-action helicopter and missile attack to eliminate the head of the Vietnamese underworld, and thwarting two terrorist bio-gas attacks on American soil.As the Delivery Man reveals the deeply impassioned motives behind his murderous spree, you’re suddenly cheering him on and looking forward to seeing him track down his next victim.Is he a criminal…or a vigilante? Valentine must make a choice. Does she arrest the Delivery Man for the murders, or let him continue to eliminate those that deserve it?It’s between the letter of the law…justice…and her heart.The Delivery Man is a cleverly woven action thriller and murder mystery interlaced with just the right amounts of revenge, espionage, romance, humor and deceit. It’s truly an All American Story.

Jon D’Amore Collection: The Delivery Man

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