Willie’s Tea 1.5 oz Chamomile



Hemp-Infused Loose Leaf Chamomile Tea 1.5 oz Tin, 150 mg

The delicate, daisy-like whole flowers of chamomile are loaded with antioxidants and impart a sweet, floral flavor. This caffeine-free herbal tea produces a calming, golden brew best served hot.


Whole chamomile flowers, full-spectrum hemp extract. Caffeine free.

Infusion Strength

Teas are infused at a ratio of ~2 mg of hemp extract per 1 g of tea leaves, for ~ 10 mg per cup.

Packaging Sizes

Chamomile tea is available in 1.5 oz Tin, 150 mg of hemp extract. All teas are loose leaf.

Dosage and Brewing

The amount of tea leaves used in the brewing process will greatly affect the average dose of hemp extract in a serving of Willie’s Remedy tea. An average serving will have 10 mg per cup. Willie’s Remedy teas can be served hot or iced.

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Full-Spectrum Hemp


Serving Size: 4 Teaspoons (2.83g)

Amount Per Serving: 10 mg of Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract

Servings Per Container: Approximately 15

Willie’s Tea 1.5 oz Chamomile

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